Are you stumped by certain aspects of planning your trip and need a helping hand?

Maybe you simply need some advice on what to do in at a specific destination.

Or perhaps you are looking to find somewhere a little off the beaten path, but just don’t know where to begin.

This is where my travel consultation services come in. You’ll talk directly to me and get any and all questions answered on things like:

  • Recommendations on the best hill towns in Tuscany.
  • Advice on the best mode of transportation from Budapest to Prague.
  • Ideas for off the beaten path sites in Paris.
  • Suggestions for accommodation in Ireland (that fit your budget).
  • Guidance in planning out your itinerary to make the most of your time and money.
  • Tips on the best restaurants, cafes and pubs so you can eat and drink like a local.
  • Recommendations on the best hikes in Switzerland.


Here’s how it works.

  • First you’ll fill out the contact form to request a travel consultation. Be as specific as possible so I know exactly what you need help with.
  • I’ll email you back with some follow up questions and an invoice.
  • Once I receive payment, I’ll email you again with some available consultation times. The consultation session is done via phone or Skype — your choice.
  • When we’ve agreed upon a time, you’ll provide me with your contact info. And I’ll contact you on the set day and time. We’ll chat for an hour.

Travel consultation fees are $100 per hour. Please remember that I’ll be doing some research prior to the hour long talk. So the $100 includes all of the time I put into answering your questions. It’s my goal to give you the best, most accurate and up to date advice and information.

Please note that I will only talk with one person from the group. So if there are say, 6 of you, choose one person to be the trip leader.